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OTOUCH Clitoral Vibrator-MUSHROOM 2

OTOUCH Clitoral Vibrator-MUSHROOM 2

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OTOUCH MUSHROOM II Clitoral Vibrator


If you are a fan of cute little handheld vibrators, then this product is for you. With different technologies in sex toys that we have these days, the OTOUCH Mushroom II vibrator is a clit vibrator that is designed with top-notch technology. This vibrator is quite sensitive to touch and responds to it. It pauses when left alone and continues when it is picked back up. And when it is not touched for 10 minutes, the MUSHROOM II vibrator goes off. 

The MUSHROOM II vibrator has the following features:

  • This vibrator has seven (7) powerful vibration patterns that range from slow and weak to fast and strong.

  • The PDS technology is used in this vibrator. This is the form of tactile sensitivity and intelligence, that makes the device pause when it is not in use and starts up when it is back in the grip of the hand. 

  • The IPX6 waterproof standard makes this vibrator easy to wash after use and storage.

  • The design of this vibrator is unique to the OTOUCH brand. The patent is owned by the brand.

  • This vibrator uses a Lithium-ion battery that is built-in, and it can be charged by placing it in a docking station.

  • There is a lightning function in the bulb part of the mushroom II. This light is an indicator for charging. But then again, this light can be used to see in the dark, and it can also be switched on just for beauty.

  • The charging dock makes it quite easy to charge this device, and also hold it upright.

This product is made with silicon and ABS plastic, both of which are hypoallergenic materials. They will not trigger any allergic reactions. The dimensions of the products are 55*40.6*103.2 mm. It weighs 110g and the noise less than 50db
The packaging of this product includes the following:  the mushroom II vibrator, the charging dock, a USB charging cable, the instructional manual, and a storage pouch.

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